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This is a MMO. It is primarily an MMO. It is advertised as an MMO. The standard user interface for an MMO is a keyboard and a mouse.

As such, the vast majority of all players will be using a keyboard and a mouse to access the game.

To keep things 'fair' all players should have to use the same interface devices to use the game, and so at least leaving the control defaults/native support to keyboard and mouse creates this basic, level, playing field.

If you want to u se a joystick and re-map it to work with the control scheme presented in the game. Fine, but it will have to be effort on your part and NOT native support so that, again, the playing field is level and the default/standard/official control scheme is what everyone who signed up to play an MMO already has.

Support does not mean remove the mouse/keyboard scheme, it means add the option for joystic/controller in a balanced way that doesn't' leave an advantage for either party.
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