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Upvote the reddit thread, keep this thread bumped, let Bioware know we are *not* a minority they can just ignore.

EDIT2: More or less every argument against boils down to "I don't want this because I think it gives an advantage to people who can afford joysticks/gamepads" or "I don't want this, because I think it's dumb, and therefore there should not be an option." or "I don't want this, because it takes development time away from X"

Response to number 1: People say that about fight sticks in Fighting games, yet you'll still see people at tournaments using both a controller and a fight stick.

Reponse to number 2: You are what is wrong with this community. Just because you won't use something doesn't mean it shouldn't be there. It's an option that will bring in more customers and increase options to the customers already here. It doesn't hurt anyone who doesn't want to use it, and only helps the people who do.

Response to number 3: No, it doesn't. Video game design doesn't work like that. The people doing interface coding aren't the people doing art assets, or level design, or class design/balance. Video game design is full of specialists and people who can do general things. Interface coding is usually done by people who do a lot of under the hood stuff, as in not the people who are making new content for the game.

Hear me out.

You are creating an online vehicle combat game. While it is possible to control these things with a mouse and keyboard, people who prefer precision when it comes to moving with a vehicle will often vote for a joystick/flight stick, and maybe even a controller.

Additional input support with a gamepad isn't difficult, xinput is natively supported in windows machines which allows all xbox 360 (and now xbone controllers) to be used as a PC controller. There are multiple bindings available already, and if you separate flight controls from on ground controls, this allows multiple bindings for each.

I know there is very little reason to have a joystick on the ground part of SWTOR, awesome you've gotten away with it forever, but when you create a flight section of the game where people want to move - a controller is a great addition.

Mouse smoothing/etc. can work, it's possible - but you are shutting yourself off from a large crowd of enthusiasts who prefer (and dare I say demand) controller/joystick support.

As is, this is how the current control scheme works. Your mouse x and y control your x and y flight by sending your ship moving towards your cursor (which is also your firing arc). You can turn to a maximum around a big circle that is around the center of the screen, after that you can't shoot any further or turn any faster.

This could be done on a joystick simply by removing the big circle (because at this point it's just clutter) and forcing the circle to reset (either immediately or slowly) to the center when the joystick goes neutral, and when it is at it's max, be where that circle would be.

This would create balanced joystick support without giving an inherent advantage to either party.
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