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Saying something is great is inherently a subjective statement. It always includes "for me" because it's impossible to say something is objectively great.

On topic: I enjoyed DAI and am hopeful for DA4, but cautiously so. The way its been described before as being a games as service style game puts me on edge. I really hope they don't destroy the franchise because I've always enjoyed the world they've developed.

According to some things I've read, it looks like the campaign will be single player, then open up into a sort of "endgame mulitplayer." Not sure how that's going to work, but I'm hoping it's something new/better than the DAI MP dungeons. If DA4 has an awesome MP game aspect, I may not be playing SWTOR much any more.....

I do worry about cookie cutter classes, and 4 button simplicity, however.
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