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Canon-wise, Chiss have had force sensitives. They use them as "navigators", which is how they chart through the unknown regions. Generally, they are young females who serve as navigators. There have been known kidnappings of said children who have a high demand in the underworld market in the unknown regions. Generally around the end of their teenage years they lose their "Second Sight" as it is called. They use the Force to see in the immediate future, which is how they are able to navigate Chiss warships through the unknown regions.

There have been rare cases of these force-sensitive children keeping their "Second Sight" past teenage years, and going on as long as possible. Truly exceptional ones, have something called "Third Sight" which is the equivalent to mind reading in the force. You could easily go further with this, but there are Force-sensitive Chiss who serve as navigators while they still have the Force.

It wouldn't be completely unnatural if you were, say, kidnapped by slavers or some unknown species, sold to the slave market. You decided to begin using your hate, one way or another you escaped and ended up as a Sith. Sith Inquisitor is most likely Sith-spec that suits these Chiss, as they are not warriors.