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As noted, Kallig doesn't have to be Chiss [or any alien], as his ancestors could have married aliens after he fell from power. This actually fits more with what we're told about him - he's not an alien, he's an alien-lover.

We don't know much about how the Chiss and the Empire got into bed with each other [or why] so there's plenty of room to headcanon. My personal rationalization is that when they made their alliance, the Empire created a treaty forcing Csilla to hand over any force sensitives to them for training. The Chiss agreed, as long as they would be treated like purebloods and baseline humans [which is how we end up with Chiss Sith Warriors]. The Empire agreed, but stipulated that in the event that Csilla is not able to handover a Chiss found to be force sensitive, if they escape or don't come voluntarily, then the Empire is permitted to enslave them.

You could even cut through that last part and extend it to ANY Chiss found in imperial space not affiliated with the Great Houses or the CDF. Thus the Chiss inquisitor is originally just a pleb exploring the galaxy, who gets captured by imperials, interrogated, found to be a civilian, and enslaved. They find out about his force sensitivity afterwards.
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