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they seem to be killing all classes. It is almost like they put 248 gear in the game but didnt want anyone to benefit from it. So they are kneecapping all classes so that we just have the grind but no benefit. And then they wonder why they have dwindling subscriber numbers. The egos at the top of the bioware management team need to be fired and replaced. They have cut the operation to bare minimum and continue to cater to their own egos over their players.
Dead on. We were just discussing this last night and came to a similar conclusion. Anything to hinder the gamers at this point in clearing any content but OPS is a focus for hinderance.

We think bioware really wants to put a nerf to OPS numbers in the next year. It's harder to create OPS and bioware just doesn't seem to have the staff to get them out in a decent release schedule. SO, create a sennario and make fewer gamers do OPS so they are manipulating the date to coin a phrase. Create some OPS bosses at an extremely slow pace but nerf all classes so they cannot do or get into HM or NM content (many cannot even do the SM content ) so in a years time even with their so called "re-focus" back on MMO content. We will hear how little gamers clear OPS (even the lowest levels) so they can justify doing the easier to create story content again whichwe all know didn't work out really well.

I'll also add, we think a new tier of gear is going to be brought up. So bioware is nerfing everyone in prep to that release of gear and new grind. 1 step forward and 2 steps back so to speak in bioware design.

We are in the mists of changes that bring no good to this game. They don't add fun or entertainment to a game that is struggling and thats a problem.
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