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That's how i went about unlocking the Feats of Strength achievement and that wasn't the first time, i did the same during DvL and i'm not ashamed of it, if PvPers don't like it they can tell the Devs to stop putting rewards behind PvP walls.
I'm sorry but I can't do that personally. IMO: It hurts others for all the wrong reasons. And it gives them a bad taste in their mouth with the whole PvP experience.

I guess I'm just kind of an odd-duck. Granted I'm a little behind the times... but I still try to do things straight up! If I fail... then I need to try to figure out why and how to correct the matter. I'll give it my best shot if I can. If there is an area where I know that I have no business messing with it... then so be it.

For whatever it's worth I do agree that it's a bad idea to hide stuff or companion access into PvP stuff as a requirement. And I would suppose that there are a lot of PvP players who feel the same about materials / unlocks / gear or other items being behind PvE doors ..

Hmmm Interesting points on both ends. There has to be a legitimate answer in there somewhere. There has to be.