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Hi all, I'm Fuyri, I built the spreadsheet with the input and feedback from Tigg. And would just like to go over a bit of the thought process regarding the thought process behind the skipping system.

First off we didn't want to discourage any guilds from participating by banning skipping. I know DnT are the big figurehead guild for skipping, but i'm also fairly sure some others did it too and just didn't say or didn't even participate fearing a negative reaction from the community. There's only several hundred people competing in these progression races and the more taking part the better.

Once agreeing to enable skipping we needed to create a system where they could still receive points and stay competitive without breaking everyone else's score. We came up with a couple of ideas that when working in conjunction created a score balance that was where we wanted it to be.

1. Setting the time difference timer to not trigger until a linear clearing guild kills the boss allows the spreadsheet to fairly reflect other linear clearing guilds with relation to the first one. This would also allow linear clearing guilds to not be set massively behind (score wise) the skipping guilds on the later bosses.

2. A linear clear bonus as extra points towards those guilds that clear the bosses in a linear fashion. This ensured that while skipping is both allowed and will give you a high rating spot it is incredibly hard to hold the number 1 spot or beat any guilds that clear within a few days of that top guild.

I would like to encourage guilds to avoid skipping, even if you didn't last time. And if you do choose to skip please stay on the boss for a good 5+ hours, you cannot get a feel for a top level difficulty fight off a handful off pulls.

This is what we're trying to fix by creating a better system to allow points to be meaningful. Regardless of what's done, it's going to be World 1st on the hardest boss (or timed run) that will be most prestigious.
If we ban skipping they'll still be guilds that may "claim" the world first after skipping on their own as this is not official it's just a community tracking system. This way I think we'll stay roughly united.

I'll be paying attention to the thread if anyone has any questions and also will be at the vent meeting.

I'm also trying to stay impartial (I imagine Tigg is too) so this spreadsheet is what I/we feel is the best balance for what different members of the community with differing opinions want, not how Suckafish or I think guilds should clear or how it should be setup.
i will have to disagree again... there are 3 things people care: killing last / hardest boss... full clear... title run... the ranking is fun for us, the few 30-50 guilds reading this, but for the vast majority of the community, they just care to ask who "world first" not whos number one ranking doing mathematical numbers on different bosses... like in my server every time someone says "DnT got W-1 its in their Website" i just want to shoot myself... i dont see why someone would not participate because we have a set rule to not be arrogant and skipping a boss half a day with math and not skills.... like i said "no skipping rule for the first 2 weeks" if no one kills / nerf by that time, everyone starts fresh on the same week skipping the boss if they want.

my whole point is that there are too many rules trying to allow something that it shouldn't... too many numbers for you, too many numbers for the community, stuff that just complicate the set up, should be just Disqualify skipping for X amount of days, done.

this is being overly complicated now, its just as easy as disqualify skipping, if there's really any guild bad enough to say "we wont participate because we want to skip" who wants them here?, let them create their own thread for cheaters and whiners, i am pretty sure no one will want those kind of guilds here, the same way no one wanted DnT after skipping in tfb for spoiling and ruining the competition.

EDIT: i am pretty sure you guys agree with me, and majority of the progression guilds that are left that had the competition ruined by 1 guild last content, and after all its your Thread, and i think you just doing extra work, doing it more complicated for everyone, just for 1 -2 guilds that might "not like skipping", like i said, if they dont like they can create their own thread and add +1000 points to skipping bosses, and lie in their websites, whatever they want, but not in this official thread, unfortunately there is no wow progress here, its your thread, your rules and what everyone think its "fair"... lets see what everyone else think in the meeting .
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