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03.12.2018 , 05:26 PM | #27
I played KOTFE master mode as assassin tank back when master mode was new, and this was the hardest fight in it, but very doable with the 60 s cc.

As sentinel in 245 gear, whole different story. I did it the "dirty" way by killing one, then dying, then killing the other.

Important points to consider:
  • You do about 10k DPS, they have 200 k HP -> 20 s to burst one down (not accounting for the adds phase)
  • 6 second guarded by the force, + 12 seconds "poor man's guarded by the force" (= unity + saber ward + rebuke + absorb adrenal all at once) = 18 seconds of immortality
  • with Awe on non-targetted elite & force stasis & Pacify (not at the same time), only taking damage from one elite most of the time

So in theory, it should even be easy with like 5 seconds to spare :-)

Also tried a rotation that takes legacy abilities into account, but I got too fussed up having to consider already the other points above, and standard burst rotation for ~ 10 k DPS is enough.