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He's arguing that 30 mins of time investment is worth 175 UC's. But 875 UC's for 5 weeks of 30 minute work? The actual time investment is in the waiting.
Its only a game problem if its not intentional, which all signs are point to it being. This appears to be more like a preference problem, to each ones own. And if that drives one person away, then it probably draws someone else in knowing that gear isnt just given away quickly either.

I'm not sure what we, as players, have to do to get the devs to notice that we don't like RNG gear boxes. That, and lack of operations, were the reason people were up in arms in 5.0. It's also why this game is a shadow of what it was in 4.0. (not that 4.x was spectacular, but at least we were still riding high off Rishi/Yavin fumes and the old operations were raised to max level).
Not everyone agrees that RNG is a bad thing. Some people are acting as though their complaints are universally agreed upon, when they really arent (maybe universally agreed upon in ones personal circle, but not population-wide). BW is unlikely to change something like that unless there is truly a problem with it, or they have the intention to change it for "something different."