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Every time i make a new character (yes, im a bit of an altaholic) i just fear the moment i have to name it. I admit it, im somewhat special and hard to please when it comes to names, i suppose it's the same for most ppl here, but anyway i'm sure there are plenty of names which are currently locked simply because the game need to have a name purge.

I think this is long overdue. Just when you find a perfect name for that toon, then it's taken, and plenty of those nams you never ever see them in game. So please, perform a name purge, something like those toons which havent been logged in for more than 2 years lose their name, imo it's a bout time.

And let's not get started on how scarce are rename sales...
Not opposed somewhat to a name purge, nor a name sale but lets make sure you understand (and all those that support this) that it will NOT free up what you think it might.

First, they just did a name purge like 2yrs ago, I think it was. Correct me if I'm wrong someone, though. *I have slept quite a bit since then. lol *
Second, when they do a name purge it works like this (at least in the past):
  • No sub loses a name, no matter when they last logged on. (Ergo, all these players coming back that never cancelled their sub, or still are away from game, will not be touched. That's a LOT of names you can't have.)
  • No active preferred accounts lose their names. (Which is fair. Doesn't matter if sub or not.)
  • No active Free to Play accounts lose their names. (Same point as above.)
  • Also in the past few months, quite a LOT of players who played at like launch, or quit a couple years ago, have come back to game. Whether preferred or sub. That is also quite a few names that are now back on the reserved list, if they were free to play, and didn't lose their names in the last purge.

In a large MMO, like this, you're always going to have names that are not available. Especially the longer the game goes on.
Also just a side note, sometimes the names you are wanting may not be taken by other players, but just the "naming filter" blocking them. (Names like popular SW names, real life figures, people from history past, etc...are NOT allowed either. Nor is names that are like xxDarkbanditxx, etc...All those are stated as against the ToS/RoC.)

As the above poster stated, use ', or add a letter. I honestly use alt+codes and rarely have problems with it. I usually stick with the certain type alt codes & go from there.
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