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I always thought it was interesting that Odan Urr always carried a Sith Holocron on his person. He found it shortly before retreating to his private library to write the Revised Code. I think.

Conspiracy Theory!
The Revised Code was meant to be misunderstood and therefor weaken the Jedi, just as the dark side spirit from Odan Urr's holocron that was influencing his mind wanted! The Revised Code is an evil Sith plot!
Um... I don't know. I'm not going to say it's impossible, but improbable.

Odan-Urr was a very devout follower of the Light. He wouldn't have studied the Dark Side teachings if he wasn't. Not to mention Odan-Urr didn't delve into the Holocron that much. He mainly kept it for safe-keeping. Is it possible for the evil spirit to influence him? Probably. However, he and several other Jedi Masters were able to study the Holocron without being tainted.

An interesting theory, but I just don't see it. I think it was just Odan-Urr's complex mind that caused the Jedi to misinterpret the Code. His fault? Maybe. Or simply the Jedi Order failed to see the true purpose of the Code.

But anyway, I'm going to answer the question in the OP and say yes.

Edit: And yes, Odan-Urr kept the Sith Holocron closely guarded, though it did spend some time in the Chamber of Antiquities. He probably kept it in case someone wanted to steal it from the Chamber. Unfortunately, Odan-Urr couldn't stop the one man who did want to steal it.
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