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Agreed, that was what was discussed after, how it could come about. I believe Luke had the opportunity, the Jedi and Sith had both been utterly destroyed, but he didn't take it. A smaller sect would probably be difficult though, as more force users would be denied and go untrained, which is dangerous. And while even with the Je'daii Order established, the Sith threat would still remain, however it would be a much lesser one, and at least the Je'daii Order would be in the right. However I believe the transition would be best handled slowly, over years, maybe even centuries, in periods of peace. That's at the center of my argument, rather than in the periods of peace, wait for another Sith threat to spawn, the Jedi should evolve.

And on the larger scale of things, it would lead IMO to a much wiser and more powerful Order, better equipped to defend the Republic and maintain peace. Like Kreia says:

"If you are to truly understand, then you will need the contrast, not adherence to a single idea."
You're right. But change happens slowly and is difficult to get underway. Luke had the chance, but I think Palpatine's actions were a main reason Luke preserved the Jedi way. I don't think he would want another Palpatine to come about. And yet, he came back lol.

Anyway, I think everyone knows who is to blame for this: Atris
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