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EDIT: Something very interesting has been brought up on the 'Your Take of the Jedi Order and Sith Order' thread. The philosophy of the Je'daii Order. They believed in balance between Ashla and Bogan, light and dark, true harmony in the Force. But the Force Wars broke out when certain members believed Ashla to be the greater power, which encouraged those who believed Bogan to be stronger to fight against them. This shows that reconciliation with the dark side is possible. If the Jedi only understood that the light is as flawed as the dark and achieved balance, then there would be peace. Your thoughts?
While that would be possible, and Odan-Urr's Code points to such a thing being possible (reference to the Fourth line), but again, both sides have to be willing to bridge the gap. Luke and Krayt managed it briefly, but even then it didn't turn out well.

Maybe such a thing will happen, but so long as the Sith continue their murderous rampages, the Jedi will continue to fight them.

I think the main reason the old Je'daii were so successful was because of their small size. They were more of a sect. But now we see armies of each side battling. I would prefer the smaller sect.
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