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Very enlightening. The first line in particular will greatly aid my understanding of Kreia and how she used the Force. I'm currently in the process of defining Kreia's beliefs on emotions and how they should be used. I think she believed in the first tenet of the Jedi Code but in the sense of Odan-Urr. She mastered her emotions but also used them to fuel her dark side power.

But back to your post, I still believe that the Jedi, even in the times Odan-Urr, were at fault. Odan-Urr studied the dark side as you said, for knowledge's sake. But what use is that? Other than to be used as a weapon against the Sith if they were ever to resurface? Odan-Urr failed to use that knowledge to reconcile Jedi with Sith, and so failed where so many other masters would fail before and after him. I also believe Odan-Urr is partially at fault for the misinterpretation of the code, I for example, did not interpret it in the way he did. The main cause of this misunderstanding being the use of "no". He says there is no emotion or passion, and yet there clearly is. He says there is knowledge, yet warns against the study of dangerous knowledge. He says there is no chaos, and yet does not define 'chaos' and so immediately places all Jedi in the dilemma of causing chaos for the greater good i.e. war.

Ultimately however, even in the intended understanding of the code, it is fatally flawed. Because the Jedi don't make peace with their inner, or the outer, darkness. They banish it, only for it to return again and again and so they fail to achieve long-lasting peace or harmony. They fail.

EDIT: Something very interesting has been brought up on the 'Your Take of the Jedi Order and Sith Order' thread. The philosophy of the Je'daii Order. They believed in balance between Ashla and Bogan, light and dark, true harmony in the Force. But the Force Wars broke out when certain members believed Ashla to be the greater power, which encouraged those who believed Bogan to be stronger to fight against them. This shows that reconciliation with the dark side is possible. If the Jedi only understood that the light is as flawed as the dark and achieved balance, then there would be peace. Your thoughts?