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Remove the 30k cost to adding am augment slot.. Making or buying the kits is expensive enough.. Not to mention getting the augment to put in it..
I wont bother remarks one way or the other on the rest, but i gather the mats on my Warrior, send them to my BH, and than send out 1-2 companions for Thermoplast Flux (which the higher yield quests give around 30 each). I make green belts (since i have the recipe and it cost nothing material-wise), RE them, and then use those mats to make the MK-6 Kits.

Not arguing other points, but for myself and if you have a crafter, they can be made for next to nothing, and they sell for (my server) around 40k each. So with some effort in playing (rather then just buying everything) you have easy access to making money in game.

Of course i also craft my own augments, it helps to have 4 level 50's with varied crafting skills though.

IMO of course, but I've never had any issues with current costs of things.