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3. Valkorion - Come on, do I need to explain myself? Do I really need to explain myself? Not only the young can be beautiful and pretty, older men can be hot as well! Now, Valky is rather very very old... and evil... but wouldn't you do whatever he told you with that deep velvety voice of his?

4. Kylo Ren - Burn me, I dare you, burn me. Kylo is hot and you can't stop me from thinking otherwise. Especially in the trailers for The Last Jedi he looks particularly handsome... maybe it's the scar?
3 - I have to agree, I find Valkorion rather attractive both in who he is as a person and I do really love his voice.

4 - Kylo, I liked him in TFA but now after TLJ... spiked up to 100% for sure lol. He's pretty damn hot, I loved the scar and really, baby, leave the cowl you don't need it.
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