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Has it only been a couple of weeks? Seems like much longer, when you do as much in-game as our toons do! This week's Chronicle entry features some much better screenshots - not to mention the plethera of events that they document! Have been watching the camera angles, and taking more screenies, for your enjoyment. This week's highlights include a "Best Dressed"-type fashion show, Ops runs, guild meetings, and Guild storyline advancement RP-events. Enjoy!

First, a few shots from "The Best Dressed in the Galaxy" fashion-type show. The community has put these on, from time-to-time, but it's the first one that yours truly partook in as a participant, rather than a spectator. Six contestants completed for several million credits in prizes, and the spectators and judges voted to determine who was our winner.
Ultimately, yours truly came in 3rd place. I liked the versatility of the outfit I'd come up with, but the judges and spectators liked the outfits of two of the other contestants, better. No worries - this certainly wasn't the first such event we've hosted, over the years, and it likely isn't to be the last! Grats to Revnes and Tanami, who came in first and second, respectively.

Now, while we are called "The Jedi Order Community of Guilds", the Jedi part is simply the largest guild; It *definately* isn't the only one! Here's some screenshots from the other largest guild in our pantheon, <THE SlTH ORDER>'s weekly ceremony:
The Sith ceremonies are decidedly a lot darker - but then, it's often argued that the 'bad guys' typically have the better outfits, in fantasy genres. I'm kind of on-the-fence, there, but I do enjoy how much more deadly the environment at a Sith ceremony is!

Next, our weekly Jedi Induction Ceremony! Always some great shots, from these:
This is typically done to awe the new joiners to the community. While usually the largest venue of the week, it's far from the only RP that the community offers. I'd wager that church never looked like this!

A shot from the Knighting of Sulrohir and Tanami:
Knightings are done to denote a community member's completion of the Jedi Knight Trials. These such trials have changed numberous times over the 8 years since SWTOR launched, and they are intended to provide both challenge and a sense of journey, for our would-be Jedi.

An impromptu in-game meeting of some of our Council members. It was kind of getting late, but unless something else is pre-scheduled, it's never a *bad* time for roleplay!
The static Jedi chairs in-game aren't typically the best for sitting, upon. Sometimes, we'll literally just pull a /chair6 over a static one, and no one is much the wiser.

A single screenie from a guild-run "Progression" Operation. I don't typically think to grab many screenies during combat.
While not the most-exciting shot, it certainly shows an epic scene. There are typically a few operations runs, every week, and I've been wanting to lead both Tuesday night 'queue-up' Ops, as well as a weekly 'progression' run, to go through ALL of the Ops-content.

A couple of shots from this week's afore-mentioned 'Queue-Up' Op. It ended up being Explosive Conflict. Only a couple of the DPS weren't part of the community.
The Dread Masters' Chosen One - dead at our feet. I got both the Firebrand Tank loot drop AND the Kephess customization for Qyzen. While Qyzen has always been my companion of choice, I like him red - and the customization makes him gray; A guildie was happy to take the customization off my hands, at no charge. Good times!

On Thursday, we advanced the guild story-arc of the Grandmaster of our Sect having been kidnapped, a couple of weeks prior. <REPUBLIC SPECFORCE> - another of our community's guilds - had RP intel that an imperial officer was at this base, having been re-assigned to the chaos of Planet Corellia, after irking a Sith Lord with direct knowledge of the movements of their prisoner. A few great shots here, beginning with the pre-storm briefing:
The screenshots for such events typically tell the story in-and-of-themselves, but essentially: We received our briefing and formed a plan of action, stormed the base, found the 'High Value Target', extracted some useful information from him, struck a deal, then returned to the safety of a ship in orbit, for a debrief.

It had been decided to wrap up the story-arc the next day, on Friday. The ceremonies were missing a Grandmaster for our sect of the Jedi, and it was decided not to prolong her return, any further. Some great screenshots from this event, as well:
Essentially, the intel obtained from the previous event detailed the hidden and careful movements of the Grandmaster as a prisoner from many worlds, as the Sith attempted to move her to a hidden location in Imperial space, beyond the notice of the Jedi and the SIS. We ambushed the Sith contingent, as the Jedi Shadows snuck in and freed her. This done, a hasty withdrawl was performed, and the Grandmaster was brought back to the safety of an awaiting battlecruiser, in orbit. After a brief welcome back, the ship left the system, before Imperial Navy reinforcements could arrive.

Lastly, a Friday run at the Dread Palace. Again, I'm terrible at remembering to take screenshots during combat:
A challenging run. This night, we did *not* succeed in killing the operation - but we do a lot of Ops, and the occasional failure is certainly inevidible.

More to come, for any of our interested readers! The adventures of <THE JEDl ORDER> are great, many, and often; there will certainly be more to document, before Q4 of 2019 is over. Until then, MTFBWY, and we'll hope to see you all, around the galaxy!

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