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Some mats like colour crystals and synthweaving mats ( fabrics) are not used by any other professions, so keep them in the cargo holds of those crafters with artifice and Synthweaving.

You could also move rarely-used stuff to cargo holds too. - and stack stuff from different characters into legacy storage - but TBH you're never likely to need more than 9999 mats in a hurry anyways, so 1 stack is plenty. - Stow the rest elsewhere if you can't bear to part with it.
While that is all fine... Some of us don't have the luxury of space due to cartel market items they currently own. A 7th Bay would help my cause and others i am sure immensely.

With all the alts and the two sets of legacy gear on most i.e, heals/dps tank/dps pvp/pve sets a seventh bay would be very very helpful! Again its a space issue for your legacy...and its a small one bay request which has been done before
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