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05.09.2013 , 07:58 AM | #48
ROLF. priceless. this is absolutely priceless.

anyways, back to the original topic.

if rewards for the role most needed were to be implemented, there need to be safeguards in place. something in a system that reads your current talent trees (since currently, you cannot save presets in TOR). otherwise, the issue with dps queueing as healers/tanks will be exacerbated from already frustrating occurrences we get now.

reward cannot be direct upgrades. it needs to be something desirable, but at the core - still fluff.

I'm still not the biggest fan, since no system is cheat proof and you cannot fix stupid, or malicious, you can only avoid it in future run by utilizing ignore and/or kick function. but. if anyone has any ideas of how to minimize cheating potential, its worth looking into.

also, in WoW, the annoying issue with this system is that role most needed sometimes changes while you are waiting for everyone to hit accept, so even if you were eligible for reward when you first had the group pop, you may not be getting it after all. solution? code reward to the moment of accepting the pop, not the moment of last person hitting accept and flashpoint quest upgrading.