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04.25.2012 , 11:48 AM | #277
Greetings Elrathion,

I would like to pick your brain concerning the best rotation for my iteration of the 2-23-16 build: I understand some may disagree about the point allocation specifics, but to each his own I suppose.

As an avid dueler myself, this build is giving me problems in actually getting a rotation down. The main reasoning behind it is not duels but applying relatively consistent AoE pressure in WZs... but I still love to duel. My problem with the rotation stems from when to actually actively cast disturbance. I think the opener is pretty standard:

(This is under the assumption that I will have my enemy permaslowed, use project on the move, reapply my DoTs consistently and have my knockbacks and stuns timed well depending on the enemy. I know there is not an ABSOLUTLEY fail safe rotation and it will change per class and I'm a fairly consistent about doing the above in most duels.)

1. Project/FiB combo opener
2. Weaken Mind
3. TK Throw for PoM proc
4. First PoM proc use Mind Crush

However, after this it gets complicated. Do I TK Throw for PoM again? This is the part where I'm uncertain, getting another PoM proc would grant an instant Disturbance thus garnering better damage from the TK throw over Disturb and then potentially getting a double-proc with disturb or getting Tidal Force. If the TK throw is interrupted (which is of course likely) I usually transition into casting disturbance. However, do I then cast Disturbance until Tidal Force procs or just hope that it procs off the hot switch when TK throw was interrupted? This is the crux of my issue and have suffered for my indecisiveness in duels. Any insight you can offer is appreciated.
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