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before I reply to that I'm going to go back to all the dev posts and get passive screenshots.

Like I said, if I'm wrong I always admit it. The 30 stack did change the raging burst, this doesnt chagne the fact that dps in 5.0 was balanced around DoT, Quasi and Burst in that order and each tier was seperated by a 5% max dmg to compensate for passive effects like aror penertration, trauma, sunder ect. and carnage is the burst. but I will find erics post on the balance of quasi v burst v dot

Eric outlines that the target dps of fury vs rage and carnage is 2.5%. understand I never advocated fury is weaker, I said it is easy to see "why" someone would think rage was stronger. I have seen carnage maras duel fury, I have seen the difference in 1v1 dps output and carnage is much faster and more dangerous that fury. That 2.5% dmg out put doesn't save fury from the armor penetration or sundering dmg of carnage. Jugg however doesn't have these tools and not only does he not equal carnage at all but he falls short of fury as well.

Maybe this all works differently in pve where a fury mara benefits from a carnage and jugg debiffs but I was under the impression he was talking about pvp, not pve and specificaly dueling.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Equeliber View Post
5% crit damage difference is equal to 5k? Are you serious? The only reason jugg can land a 35k Furious Strike is because of Pooled Hatred utility - up to 50% (5 * 10%) more damage on the next skill from each time you are getting slowed
he's talking about pvp..... it doesnt matter what happens in pve.

WAIIIT.... I just remembered... I never run pooled hatred on rage jugg in pvp. I run no pushback on leap charge and unshackling rage... bud juggs can definitely hit 35k FS and if you can't that is a you problem. It doesn't change anything, having 5k more dmg on one move doesnt change that their inferior to fury maras but yeh... that was a really odd correction you made.
you don'trun pooled hatred on rage because half your rotation has no rage cost, in fact only vicious slash, FS and um.. the 30% or less one.. its called vicious throw, been a key binder for so long Iv forgotten what abilities are called even on my main classes. also I guess force crush costs rage /shrug