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So... I decided to correct a few things here, from a rage jugg main for 3 years (5.x) and I play fury mara (but don't like to)

So first thing is fury and rage don't share the same rotation. Next to the fact that ravage has a crit chance bonus in jugg set, ravage has little to no point on rage jugg. You could literaly take it off your bar and replace it's use with a vicious slash and you would notice no difference. Fury however requires either ravage or saber throw to auto crit bonus their furious strike. For jugg it is force scream that auto crits their furious strike, on mara force scream is nothing but a no rage filler waiting for the 30 stacks. Last thing I'm going to mention is a mara does not gain a damage bonus from the 30 stacks for raging burst, only from force crush.. why mention this? Because unlike the mara a jugg gets a damage bonus from Both force crush and enrage, which brings us to my next point.

Jugg appears to possess higher damage because every raging burst is 24k-26k (due to every raging burst following either enrage or force crush) as opposed to maras 22k-24k depending on whether they force crushed or not. Not only that but a jugg gets a 15% critical bonus over maras 10%. This is why a maras furious strike typical deals 28-30k while a jugg can hit a whopping 35k... on average. However mara have offhand damage and something called "bloody slashes" which is a lingering DoT from ravage. Jugg does not get this and is the primary reason that a rage jugg really has no use for ravage, no cd reduction, no DoT and no damage bonus outside of set bonus crit chance. Combined with "Bloody slashes" and offhand damage maras easily equal a juggs bonus 5% crit chance.

The last point I am going to make is a much shorter and simpler statement. Fury Mara is a quasi burst spec not a burst spec. Quasi burst offers more utility but less damage. The burst spec of mara is carnage and carnage damage giggles at jugg. You are trying to compare apples to oranges because you think fury mara is the burst spec. Carnage is, which means fury has less dps, meanwhile rage is the jugg burst, it is not considered "quasi" so realisticaly you need to compare burst v burst damage, and carnage is superior to rage.

[Post Edit] Until this game gains a game mode that incorperates duels as anything more than a social activity devs are under no pressure to make any changes whatsoever to balance and/or build anything around 1v1 combat.