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Just like other MMO's fixed it.. You can not fix people AFKing. There will always be a way to AFK.

And last thing.. You sure have a lot of confidence in a company that brought out a Beta version of a game.
True, which is why a decent game log that can be monitored by GMs is needed. It isn't perfect, but I have seen it work.

You report someone as being AFK in a warzone, and if that person is reported "enough times" by "enough people" it warrants a validation by the GM. Example, Joe is reported twice by 3 people from 2 warzones. While we had no clue what the threshold was, we did get emails back from the CMs stating that Joe was suspended whenever we submitted a successful petition.

In one MMO, one report by one person was considered sufficient to trigger validation by a GM, which could result in a warning. That warning was logged in the account. Subsequent warnings led to account suspensions (typically 3 day). Worst case, it was permanent suspension.