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During one of the cantina tours, someone asked Bioware about cross-faction chat and got a reply that it would be part of cross-faction guilds.

Well, when could we expect to see this happen? 3.0? Sometime at the end of 2014? Is it in any developement stage or just on the 'wall of crazy' for now? It sure would improve social/communication aspect of the game greately for tons of guilds with versions on each side so I can't wait to see this implemented as soon as possible
The problem is.. The link you gave us doesn't support that remark..

Quote: Originally Posted by Damion
•Damion: Cross-server queuing is really (really!) hard (Jeff: we’re not going to do that). Different solutions to solve the same problem in Game Update 2.4 (primarily oriented to hardcore PvPers). Servers hold four times the number players as WoW realms. Ranked queue times are on average shorter at all times of day compared to non-ranked queue times.
That is the only comment in your link that I can find on the issue of cross server.. So I would be interested to see an actual quote or something that supports your claim..

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