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A Star Wars Short Story (Formal) Written by, Rahim Khatri

The date was Elona 16th, Zhellday, it was the day of the sacking of Coruscant. A young sith by the name of Vellum Jexiar got a holo transmission from his master; Darth Geon. “You are to proceed to the Republic homeworld of Coruscant and assist Darth Malgus in destroying the Jedi Temple”, Geon stated. “Yes, my lord; but, if I may, Coruscant is well defended how will we be able to even launch an aerial strike”. “You see, my apprentice, the Republic has not been able to come up with adequate defences against our ships and their military is just a ragtag group of rejects, we will crush them without a doubt”. With that Vellum walked over to the pilot of his ship and told her to set a course to Coruscant.

They arrived, Vellum in his ship arrived at Malgus’s Harrower Dreadnought. An imperial trooper ran up to Vellum, “My Lord, Darth Malgus ordered me to tell you to report to the bridge for orientation for the attack”. After that, Vellum walked to the bridge. “Ah, you have arrived”, Stated Malgus, “This will not be easy, but the Jedi are week, we will crush them under the might of the Emporer”. “Yes my lord”, Orientation started, Vellum and five other Sith came into the bridge. “All right, you are all here, let me introduce the plan, we will deploy 20 starfighter squadrons to deal with the Republic’s minimal defences. After that, I will be in the spaceport and make my way to the Jedi temple. Vellum you will go to the works sector and sabotage everything there. The rest of you are to storm the Senate tower and take it at all costs”.

They all took a troop transport disguised as a Republic carrier. Once they arrived at the spaceport Malgus and Vellum proceeded to go to the works sector and the Jedi temple. Vellum arrived at the works, the first thing he did was annihilate the water supply, then he destroyed the power system running all of Coruscant’s electricity. Then he went to the Jedi temple. Malgus also hired a bounty hunter by the name of Shae Vizla. They entered the Jedi temple after taking care of the four guards. Six Jedi came up to confront them, but a Republic troop transport carrying over one hundred fifty Sith Warriors crashed into the Jedi Temple. After a massive battle, Malgus killed the Jedi leader Ven Zallow. They annihilated all of the Jedi in the Jedi temple.

The sith that stormed the senate tower destroyed all of the guards, they killed everyone in the tower as well. They exited the temple and let Malgus’s Harrower Dreadnought bomb the tower. Vellum, Malgus, and the other sith boarded a troop transport back to the Dreadnought and went their separate ways.