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Hey folks,

Quick update on Game Update 5.6. As we are getting closer to the launch of Update, we feel we need just a little bit more time to really bring the new Yavin Warzone up to quality. We are going to pull it out of Game Update 5.6 (launching 11/28), instead it will now launch as a part of 5.6.1 only two weeks later on 12/12. We apologize for the delay in the Warzone, we know that there is a lot of excitement for it and we are eager to get it to you as quick as we can.

This date change does not impact any other elements of the Game Update. As a reminder, here are some of the bigger things coming in two weeks with 5.6 (this is not a comprehensive list):
  • New Flashpoint on Copero, a planet in the Chiss Ascendency (Solo Story, Group Story, Veteran, and Master Modes) and the continuation of the Alliance traitor storyline.
  • The return of Raina Temple.
  • Nahut, the third boss in the Gods From the Machine Operation (Story and Veteran modes).
  • New GSF Deathmatch map set in the orbit over Iokath.
  • Significant changes to Group Finder (new UI, all queuing in one place, upgraded rewards, solo activities added).
  • Legacy-wide Credits and Unassembled Components.
  • Changes to Galactic Command disintegration (gear now disintegrates directly into Unassembled Components to help mitigate RNG).
  • New item, the Masterís Datacron. This allows you to take any existing character and boost them to level 70; this boost does not progress story.
  • And more!

Thanks everyone.

Would you be able to divulge any information on this Master's Datacron? Is it a one-time use per account? Is it something we can buy or are granted? I don't remember reading or hearing about this item.

EDIT: Darthscotty beat me to the punch on this. Glad to know I'm not the only one that might have "missed something" in the Road Map or other communications.
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