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Is it a purge... or a cleanse? No one has managed to take the time and tell me >.>
Well I'd think you guys would have tested these things yourself. It is a cleanse, as the ability states. It will not remove player dots, it WILL remove player stuns, I have not tested it on NPC dots yet.

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Reflect is very selectively useful in PVE, keyword, very selectively.

Enraged Defense as a ability is very meh as a DPS, it's great in some of the Ops that is AOE heavy but honestly, the choices we made in writing/consulting for the guide reached the conclusion that a reduced CD on Focused Defense is quite meh, especially since you can't use it preemptively, unlike ANY other defensive cooldown.
As for this, I don't think those utilities are any more selectively useful as a DPS in an ops setting than sunder on Slam or speed on Chilling Scream are. Which is why I don't understand why 2 are emphasized so far above the other 2. I think instead, you should clarify the pros and cons to each ability and suggest the person select on a fight by fight basis.

Example, there are fights where the raid as a whole will take tons of ticking AOE damage (in story mode ToS I can already confirm this on the 3rd boss), using ED on cooldown there saves your healers a ton of trouble, and having ED available 30 seconds faster means you can get 2-3 additional uses out of it in an encounter. Conversely, I can't see the speed on Chilling Scream or the sunder on Slam having any real use on that fight. MAYBE you could argue for the sunder on Slam for the adds, but they aren't really grouped up well enough to hit multiple with 1 slam in most cases.
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