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I disagree quite a bit with the utility section. Depending on the fight, the extra duration on Saber Reflect, the cleanse for Enraged Defense, and the lowered cooldown on Enraged Defense can all have value, while the sunder effect on Smash/Slam and the speed boost on Chilling Scream are of negligible use on a lot of fights.

Not that the preferred utility loadout you suggest is necessarily wrong, but to suggest that as the default standard and not even mention how useful lowered cooldown on ED or extra duration on Reflect are?

EDIT: Also you guys seem confused on how the new ED cleanse works.

"However, the current design of this ability and the fact that cleanses no longer work in PVP make this a circumstantial PVE utility as I said above. "

Stuns/CC count as cleansable effects now, so its extremely useful in PVP as it acts like a second stunbreaker. It's actually better that way for PVP anyways, as not cleansing dots means you will still get all your ticks of ED, AND you get to break the stun.
Is it a purge... or a cleanse? No one has managed to take the time and tell me >.>
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