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Why wasn't this done 12 or so hours ago? As it is on my server, the Imps outgear Republic before this patch and this just exacerbates the situation even further. A large part of the anger behind the patch was due to the disparity in PvP between the two factions already (with one side being MUCH easier to gain PvP gear than the other) due to one faction outnumbering the other immensely, which the patch was supposedly going to address but actually did the opposite.

Is there going to be any rollback or someway to compensate for the valor gained by the Imperials from today? I know of atleast one character that purposely sat and respawned to give everyone camping as many points as possible. I've already suffered weeks of PvP against fully geared Sith as a level 30-40+ only to hit 50 recently and still suffer with no PvP gear vs fully geared Sith (except now with no lowbies to pick on). There have been many suggestions on how to fix the problem, but when you only win 10% in solo queue and don't have the time to complete dailies while equally ungeared characters can win 3 straight without doing anything on the other side, it makes dailies pointless as well. I understand time invested should be rewarded, but with the current way things are going, Republic PvP on my server will be dead within weeks. I know the "statistics" released showed approximately even scoring wins/loss between the factions overall, but unless you address the disparity within each server, most of this gaming community will just quit.

The problem is there is a lack of dialogue with the devs on whether they are even addressing this issue (or even see it as one) which leaves most of the community fuming and even angrier when bugs like this patch come to fruition. Please build up a better rapport within the community or I'm afraid this community may bail from this game faster than APB sank.
Because 12 hours ago it was 8:35 am.