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I didn't read through all of the 50 pages, but I will say this - the OP misses the point.

The game actually gives you, the player, the ability to choose. You can choose what person your character is. You are not forced to be a horrible monster who tortures and ***** Vette. Yes, you have the option to become such a person, but you have the other options too.
For example, the minute Vette asked me to remove the shock collar, I did so, but I also kept my emotional distance and asserted my leading role instead of toading up to her by proposing a partnership - it felt logical given the way I want to develop my Sith Warrior. I have never once tortured her - it's just not something my character would do. He recognizes that a happy Vette is a useful Vette. And he actually doesn't mind her constant blabbering and wisecracking - it's refreshing for him after a lifetime among brooding murderers who are so full of themselves that it's a wonder they haven't blown up already...
Another example - I have recently landed on Balmorra and a quest had me planting explosive collars on rebel corpses on the battlefields in order to weaken the resistance when they try to get the gear of their dead. However, I also found out that a lot of innocent civilans, children included, looted the battlefield and there was a chance of huge colateral damage. So why did I do? I planted explosive grenades, to be sure that only enemy soldiers would get blown up when they try to get them. The Imperials weren't happy with me at all - they wanted the colateral damage on the civilians, but my character is not a blood-thirsty maniac and he'd totally think that killing innocents would only lend credence to the rebels' cause.

This is how the game is. Yes, the cartoony graphics are misleading and the game is kinda dark. Yes, the Galaxy is not a happy place right now. But you do have a choice. You can choose good or neutrality (myself, I'm not even a Light Side Sith; I'm neutral leaning slightly to the darkness - the above were just examples).

But, more importantly, to the OP - when you choose the Empire, you get the bad guys. You don't want to be a bad guy? Go to the Republic, then. The Jedi are not murderers and tortures, the Troopers don't kill for money, the Smugglers... are witty and funny.

Overall - yes, this is Star Wars, I know, it's not Dostoevsky or something. It's pure entertainment made mostly for teenagers and young adults. But the point of view of the OP is flawed and skewed. Just because this is only entertainment, doesn't mean the story is so flat or one-sided. There are bad people and there are wrong choices and evil actions; this goes for both Star Wars and the real life. But you are not robbed of the right to choose. If you chose to be evil and to torture Vette and are now feeling guilty, that's your problem - you made the choice, now live with it. But come on - this is just a game. And it's not the game's fault if the player wants to be an evil character. That's a slippery slope that leads to censure and overall bull****.