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02.06.2012 , 04:55 PM | #508
In the end, the game will actively punish you for being too mean to 'poor little Vette.'

Also, in the end, you're the one pressing the "be evil!" button whenever it comes up. When you could have avoided all of this and all of making yourself uncomfortable by TAKING OFF THE DAMN COLLAR. It's that simple.
This has also been pointed out to him. Which he's blissfully ignored and continued to soapbox at people. It's apparently irrelevant to him that he CHOSE to do those things. To him, the simple fact that they EXIST is enough to get him whipped up into a frenzy over it.

The thing is, he fails to see what's really there. He keeps insisting she's a "sex slave", when she's never been treated sexually at all. She's a SLAVE, that's all. She's been beaten, tortured, shocked, and more.

But you know what? She hasn't been BROKEN. Despite everything that's happened to her, everything a "rarh, darkside!" PC can do to her, she won't break. She will continue to rise above what's being done to her, and continue to be the strong-willed, individualistic person she is. She won't become anyone's submissive doormat.

Doesn't that, really, make her an incredibly STRONG character? I think so.