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I actually just learned this because my warrior is with Jaesa and this thread made me wanna look up the Vette romance, Vette is explicitly NOT a sex slave. if you romance her, she at one point tells you she's a virgin because she promised her mother she'd save it for marriage. So Vette's slavery is not and has never been sexual in nature. Sadly, her bustier sister did not escape such a fate, but the game portrays it in an appropriately negative light...I have no problem with a game depicting a social ill that exists in the real world, so long as it doesn't appear to endorse it, and this game in no way endorses it.

Also, regarding what you said about Quinn...I totally agree with the basic thrust of what you're saying, but maybe Quinn's not the best example in the game, since


so a relationship where you're abusing Quinn is actually pretty dysfunctional both ways.

The sith are essentially a noble class, only distinguished from the commoners by force sensitivity instead of land ownership or money. and then you have the Emperor, who more resembles some sort of devil figure than anything in human history, his evil is so utterly alien and so cosmic in scope. Which is to say, the Empire is a generic, sometimes slightly cartoonish distillation of evil regimes and oppression in general, much as one could say Mordor and Sauron are.