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Any updates on the performance of Swtor on your PC? many reasons out there you are getting bad FPS, while in-game check the FPS and the COLOR of the FPS, the color of the FPS will help you pinpoint one of two hardware issues the CPU and GPU.

While in-game press "CTRL + SHIFT + F' keys and the FPS will be in the bottom-left of your screen, what color is the FPS? is it solid one color or bouncing between green and red?

Also cooling, can cause your PC to thermal throttle (slow down) so it wont breakdown on you and the real important part is that Swtor used to run horrible on a normal non SSD (hard drive) for years after it was released, a SSD drive is recommended to run Swtor from, I play my Swtor from a 240GB M.2 SSD and it is butter smooth!
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