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12.17.2011 , 08:27 PM | #7
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Just curious but why try to subscribe now anyway? I mean it's the early start, maybe they don't even have the subscription stuff activated yet. It's FREE for 30 days AFTER you subscribe, from the 20th onward. So if you subscribe on the 17th for example, the subscription still wouldn't kick in til the 20th, then you have 30 days to play free from then..
The thing is, you cant play unless you have a subscription, it wont acsept it, so on the 20th (Launch day) i wont be able to play, the 30 days free kick in after you have an active subscription, even tho they dont charge it ....

And i cant get my card (wich works everywhere else, been using the same card for 2years never had an issue) acsepted by swtor