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02.09.2019 , 08:52 PM | #8
Obviously which character is a "better" love interest would depend on how well either one of them fits your character.

In terms of screentime, obviously Lana gets the most from Forged Alliances onward, and probably will continue to get healthy doses of screentime. I'm not sure how much that would compare to Kira in the class stories though, she gets a fair amount of importance in the Jedi Knight story, especially early on. I'd say we actually get to know her and her past more than Lana.

In terms of my own personal preference, I like Lana, but Kira is one of my absolute favorites, so I prefer Kira.

As I said though, the I personally enjoy the connection specifically between Kira and my Knight and Lana and my Agent, and they each wouldn't work as well as romance options for any of my other 8 main characters.