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It seems i missed your math post a few days ago I really like it, it's the exact math I was doing for days after Audson introduced me to Piledriving!

Just so you know we actually run Damage Capacitor and not Ranged with it, because it does change the TTK's to use one less shot, so it makes it even faster. What that also does it help us consume less weapon power because the build is just starving for weapon power.

The other thing and the reason I absolutely love Heavy + Quads in Deathmatch. Is that vs the exact same Gunship setup you put up here for your test. (You know the ideal Piledriver target :P ) If you have Damage Overcharge and Damage Capacitor it only takes Heavy switch Quad, Quad switch Heavy to kill them. It's a 0.5 second kill on a Gunship, there's almost no way to react to this in time if you don't see them coming before they shoot. Since a Piledriver ship is an excellent ship to scoop up Damage Overcharges constantly this is a very important marker for the build, learning to get the 0.5 kill often makes the build go absolutely nuts.

Now even without that, using only your math we can see that Heavy + Quads have superior kills times. The next huge reason I prefer to not use Ion is because of the lockouts, being Sliced or EMP'd into Ion Cannon only is absolutely brutal. Since you're often flying around in Ion's because you want to open with them it happens so often too. Where as with Heavy + Quads, you're always sitting on Heavy's since you want to open with that, and that's your preferred laser anyways so being locked into that is no big deal. If the worst does happen though and you get locked into Quads at some moment, having only Quads is still much better then only Ion.

Now having said all this, your initial point was that the Rycer/Starguard is still plenty powerful without Piledriving, and you're absolutely right. It's just that little bit better with it, propelling it up to the top of the meta with the likes of the Mangler/Quarrel Gunship and Slicing Clarion/Imperium Strike fighter. One of which (The slicing one) is a really good counter to Piledriving for those of you out there looking for a really great way to counter it.
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