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02.20.2015 , 01:17 PM | #2
The Cartel ships are functionally identical to the ships you buy with normal Fleet requisition. There are cases where it is desirable to have two of a given ship type on your 5-ship bar when you enter a match... I like having two versions of the T2 scout (Sting and Ocula, for Imperials) so that I can have them set up for different roles. The trouble is that the cartel ships are purchased on a per/character basis. If you primarily play one character, that is not a problem. I have alts on about 10 servers, and several characters per server. I have not felt the need to buy any of the others a Cartel ship. They're a luxury, overpriced, and in my opinion should at the very least be a legacy unlock, not tied to one character.

You're right about the paint jobs, engine reactants, etc. They are mainly for you to look at in your hangar... which may be enough to get you to experiment with some color schemes, but what you may not realize is that many of those components are available on the GTN. Not all of them, but many... and often pretty cheap, if you keep your eyes open for them. Even the Cartel ships show up on the GTN from time to time, with the scout being the rarest for me to run across (and those, as opposed to the cosmetics, can be pretty expensive). Some of the paint jobs and coor schemes are only available by Cartel $ purchase, but it's hardly worth it. If I didn't get free cartel $ from being a subscriber, I would never have been compelled to spend any money on such things.

They have a very odd pricing structure for the Cartel $ color selections. I noticed when looking at the ones available to Republic pilots last night that for no apparent reason, one was priced at 360, one at 180, and one at 90.

In general I find their pricing structure laughably bad and the selection of what they offer completely inadequate. It was a very poorly implemented attempt to monetize GSF, which could be easily fixed with more options that people have been saying for months that they would spend money on, and would hardly require any developer time to make.

- Despon