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02.20.2015 , 11:55 AM | #1
1) Are the ships worth the unlock prices?
They seem to be capable designs based on Stasie's Galactic Starfighter Guide. But are they similar in performance to ships I could unlock using normal Fleet Reqs?

2) Paint jobs / paint colors?
It seems to me that the variation in paint is so minor that you're only going to see it "in the hanger"; so I don't feel like it's a great deal to be unlocking new paint schemes and colors. Am I missing something there?

3) Bolt / engine colors?
I have to admit that I've never noticed the colors of anyone's lasers or engine reactants in mid-dogfight. I guess I don't see where spending money on those would be worthwhile either. It's not like someone's going to see my laser blast and go "Oh no! Where's Jon?!?!?"

I believe in supporting the portions of a game that I enjoy. Which is why I subscribe to SWTOR overall and I have spent a fair amount decorating my stronghold, outfitting my characters, etc. I just feel like Bioware hasn't given me a lot of reason to "invest" in the GSF side yet.

Am I wrong?