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11.26.2012 , 02:43 PM | #80
Have to agree that Bioware really botched it with Quinn here. The problem is how the player is given zero control over effecting the event and its outcome. This is a prime example of why people feel their choices have no impact on the story or their companions.

I've already seen plenty of good story options listed by others here that Bioware could have implemented. Personally, my biggest gripe is that you have no way to prevent the betrayal from happening in the first place. You can have Quinn at max affection, support his career, trust in his tactical decisions, praise his professionalism, save his life, even marry him....but none of that alters his decision to support Baras and betray you? BS! That, to me, is the most bogus part of it all. It would have been simple enough to implement a dialog where Quinn admits to you that Baras was trying to manipulate him against your character but your actions made him reconsider.

As for how your character isn't given the option to kill him, likely due to gameplay issues, I see nothing wrong with other alternatives such as carbonite freezing, slave collar, crippling him (he returns with his default skin having cybernetics), etc. Its just plain lazy and sloppy story telling to rob players of having any options for such a major event involving one of their own (romanceable) companions.