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11.12.2012 , 06:48 PM | #75
What I found annoying about this was that nothing you do beforehand changes this.

So its not just that choice thats made for you but all the previous choices are worthless. Yes Quinn I will help you with that promotions, yes Quinn I will let you go on secret missions, Yes Quinn I will tell Vette to shut up, Yes Quinn I will allow you to kill the person that ruined your Career. Yes Quinn Baras did just try and blow us up in a trap, Yes Quinn that was Baras Apprentice that put you in med bay, don't worry I saved you and knocked him to his death. Yes Quinn I have fought beside you in the name of the true emporer killing people to stop them from killing you.

Whats that you are still going to betray me despite having pledged yourself to my legacy and having 10,000 affection. That makes no sence what so ever. The story should never have gone down that path if you had a high enough effection with Quinn, but instead its forced down a path of betrayal where you had no choice to do anything about it and let him back into the fold.

Though don't get me wrong, even a dark 5 scumbag would regret killing his only medic. Specially when new content comes out for solo play and you are forced to use a tank or a dps both of which the warrior can do while the one thing he can't replace is the healer.