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Yes but the crying and whining from those who chose to kill Quinn would fill pages. Alot of gamer nowadays would kill Quinn then whine about how they are down a healer and they really didnt mean to do it.
Bioware didn't design the companion system to allow players the freedom to make Big Choices for the sake of story. Early iterations of the companion system allowed for equipping of companion abilities via kits, so you could equip an AOE kit, a single target DPS kit, or a healer kit on any companion. With that system, the option to be able to kill companions made sense. You could kill a companion and not have your PvE adversely affected.

Bioware apparently had a testing group that thought the companion kits were lulzy, and so Bioware decided to change companion abilities to their current form. The result was that story decisions allowing you to kill your companion meant that you would find yourself at a disadvantage in PvE gameplay if you chose to kill a companion.

So, players made story choices without realizing that those choices would have a deleterious effect on their gameplay experience. It was probably cheaper/easier for Biowar to remove the dialogue trees that led to <Kill Him/Her/It> than it was to re-design the companion system to allow players to choose which abilities to give their companions.

The situation had very little to do with players whining and more to do with some questionable design decision by Bioware. It more or less is another datum indicating that Bioware is very much a single-player RPG company and is completely clueless about how to design for an MMO.
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