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07.18.2019 , 06:00 PM | #18
I am sorry but isn't this the same argument as:

They can't make guild ship unlocks so cheap that solo guilds, or guilds with like 5-10 people can have unlocks for practically no cost, when since the ships have been launched, everyone has had to save and work to pay the existing price. They lowered the cost of the ship by like 32 million, I think that is extremely helpful to people that have "small guilds". I mean now what, they are suppose to make unlock prices so low as to provide for the lowest common denominator?

What about the people that saved, and worked their asses off to get the credits to open unlocks? I guess they are just out of luck huh?

This argument is the same exact thing as the link above, how it is conquest is unfair etc etc...
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