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I felt it's time to bring this back to life again. with a twist.

I believe it's time to remove the framework need to unlock the rooms on the "Guild" Flag ships.

I know ppl already have said they are for guilds but we all know not all guild are that big or have the means to kill the commanders to get them.
Before you ask, I know that conquest is simpler now and you can do it that way but you who say that is also aware that it takes 250 blue ones to unlock one room.

Back in the day all those years ago when I bought a ship, they did cost 50 mill and that was a lot of money back then.
My main hope was one day open up one single room alas to this day that haven't happened yet.

I know and no need to repeat it, it's for guilds and not private use.

Beside the point at this stage really, all those frameworks does is prevent ppl to unlock for no reason what so ever.
it does not hurt the game, your play style or anything what so ever to have them with a pure credit cost.

It's gotten so bad on DM at least that a Engineering framework is trying to be sold on general chat for 25 mill and that's for ONE, that means that one of those rooms alone would set you back 130 mill, while you can get the ship for 8 mill today.

Not to look at command framework, last time I looked on GTN it was around 80 mill, EACH
So 245 mill to open ONE room, there is NO logic behind that what so ever.

Then we have a player that trying to get groups on the fleet under the pretext that the "group" get an item worth 1 mill on GTN, IE blue one.
What he fail to tell them is that he will use Master loot in the end and take the purple one for him self and he's guild.

We have guilds that warn there members about this and I've heard that they even camp the Rep side bases to make sure no one else can get them when they try to have groups made.

So I would suggest, that with 6.0, remove Blue and Purple from the needs to unlock the rooms.

The ship today cost 8 mill to buy, to fully unlock it would still cost 75 mill and that is money leaving the game.
IE money sink and this game really needs one now.

Then we can unlock rooms, buy deco, and with that BW might make CC sales on some, money goes out of the game.

People don't get abused.

You still need to gain levels to get the perks from the ships, so to alter the way we unlock them to me is a good thing.

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