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Quote: Originally Posted by SchattenBlade View Post
You can increase reputation through the contraband cartel slot machine as well
Yes, now, but the OP is from 5 years ago. Back then, each of the 10 cartel pack shipments had their own reputation and the reputation items droped by the slot machine were only for one of them (Contraband Resale Corporation.)

Has been a wild ride with the machine, originally a fun item with a cheap cost of 500 credits per chip and a ridiculous high drop rate for cartel certificates, it was soon nerfed to the ground and cost was increased to 750 credits.

3 years later, the now very rare machine was made more valuable by merging all those cartel reputations into one, and last year it was nerfed again by increasing the chip cost to 5000, right before making it available directly on the CM.

Once you have maxed out the reputation, the machine's use changes. Before the last nerf it used to be an actual gambling machine - you spent 750 credits for a chance to win a reputation token worth 1000 or 2500 credits. Of course the house always won and on average you got about 500 credits back for every 750 credtis you spent on chips.

Now it's just a credit sink that charges between 2500 and 5000 credits for the illusion of gambling.
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