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Damage profiles you have listed are very similar to what I am achieving on Olmez (Juggernaut), so I can say with most certainty that he is BiS. Differential breakdown on Assassin also seems to be close to target range.

PT's is where I am still working it out. While the Defense rating does help in certain fights, the primary and tertiary cooldowns they have are Defense based (even more so if I put in Imperiling Serenity). On your recommendation I am going to try out dropping Defense and buffing the other stats (probably won't let it drop below 20%, but should be able to take all the augments out at least). What would you have me put the additional points into?
Yeah, with exception to 2 enhancements and a mainhand tank barrel, I am extremely close to (what I presume at least) BiS for a PT Tank.

Personally, if I were in your position at ~24% Defense and you wanted to drop to 20% (since you prefer not to drop below), I would drop, whichever the precise stat budget you have available probably 60% of that number into Absorb, since you run fairly low, rest into shield. I haven't tested Imperiling Serenity yet (though I have tested Shield Amp, which is amazing on a few bosses but absolute garbage on most) so I'll definitely be trying out one soon

On another note, I'm more than willing to test out higher defense levels, just for the sake of argument. It'll take a bit of time to get some more defense gear to work with, but when I can I'll run a 10/10 with a different defense rating (probably wont go much higher than 800) and I'll let you know how my logs vary between the two setups.

If we want to go further down the rabbit hole, I may (read that as I definitely will) link this to my cotanks in Zorz and see if they have any extra insight or have any opinions. At the very least, Smugglin can go in more depth than I can into tank theory, as he's more seasoned at it than I.

Now, here's the real question. You listed a stat budget for mean mitigation, full b mods, and hybrid b mods. Which do you use for your Jugg?