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Next time I run the fights I will record my parses. I can tell you that my Juggernaut averages between 1400 and 1500 DTPS per fight (Master/Blaster not included, little guy hits like a damn truck). My record on Bulo was 1059 (achieved 867 with a Sorc healer one time). Distribution on PT's and Assassin's is mainly number-crunching at this point, will run them more thoroughly and update post when applicable.
Also: not intending to argue the way PT's work, well aware of the 3 schools of thought on that tank, but for me it seems to bring them more in line on fights like Underlurker where the main boss is Defense oriented. (Shrouded Crusader relic is incredibly OP during add phases of that fight).

*** Have been unable to test Cora/Revan due to obvious reasons.
Too bad you don't have in fight data for PT Tanking to go with, but I'll supplement info below that might help get the ball rolling. Can't compare Jugg numbers really since their mitigation profile is so different.

Similarly, I'm not attempting to start a war over PT theory either, as I'm unlikely to change my opinion or attempt to change yours short of me noticing you're taking wildly less damage on a PT in HM with similar tank roles or something.
To give some food for thought, I'll post some average DTPS numbers. My gear is 595 Defense 1305 Absorb and like...1865 Shield I think? Revanite Ear and Implants Relics are Revanite Reactive and Revanite Fortunate Redoubt, all 198 armorings with 198 offhand 192 mainhand all mods are B mods 198 all enhancements are 198 mean mitigation save for 2 off piece drop 198 enhancements, will upgrade as soon as I get more gear obviously. HP Values at 55899 with buffs, stim. Using Rakata Absorb Adrenal, Purple Medpacs in raid.

On the DTPS end, I'm taking... (these are approximate values varying lockout to lockout)

1600 Malaphar HM 8 *Strat involves tank taking a few more stacks than ideal for sake of ease of tank swapping at add spawns, could easily take less damage but it's unnecessary when strat makes fight easier overall*

1700 Sword Squadron HM 8 *Using a Strat where we taunt from range and stay on our assigned walkers. Would take less damage if we did a positional swap, but again strat preference for raid*

1000-1200 Underlurker HM 8 *Variance really has to do with how much cleave I feel like doing as well as proccing close and personal and pyro shield during add spawns*

900-1000 Revanite Commanders HM 8 *The damage taken in this fight, outside of add cleave, is basically irrelevant, the only DTPS that matters is how you manage cooldowns in the final burn.*

1400-1500 Revan HM 8 (Coincidentally 16 man HM Revan is almost identical DTPS, due to 16 man damage profile being somehow WEAKER in some respects) *Fairly pleased with my DTPS in Revan HM kills*

Sparky 1400 HM 8 *Fight is a joke, just hit cooldowns and keep tanking, our strat doesn't involve a swap*

Bulo 1300-1400 HM 8 *Could improve on DTPS, but it's less about mitigation and more about our tanks grabbing very few barrels and instead AOE taunting pirates, holding threat for mass barrages on add wave 2, 3 and 4 with barrels only grabbed on first and *if still alive* fifth wave. If we grabbed barrels for each, could take 1-200 less DTPS, but again, our strat is extremely clean and repeatable*

Torque 1500 HM 8 *Fairly content with damage profile on Torque, I try and get threat on as many of the adds as possible and any variance with my DTPS is how many floor vent ticks I take total*

Blaster Master 1800-2000 HM 8 *Boss hits like a truck and the damage profile is not the jam on a PT tank. Sins are gods on this fight. Pleased overall with a 1604 DTPS in the last full run of Rav HM with my group*

Coratanni 1700-1900 HM 8 *Definitely want to improve on taking less damage on Coratanni, but overall I'm pleased, as Pearl is a complete jerk that hits like a truck. Another fight where I feel a Sin tank would be superior in my role*

I'm always looking to improve on my DTPS logs for fights to make my healer's job easier, but our healers don't complain about our tanks taking too much damage and on most complain about a lack overall. Internally, the Zorz tanks have been discussing PT tank theory, trying to make sure we haven't been lazy in our approach to gearing and mitigation theory. As of now, until I get a large amount of data showing otherwise, I don't see ample need to gear for so much defense, as so much of the IMPORTANT damage (important to our healers and to the overall profile at least) is internal, in addition to the basic ideas that having the opportunity to shield damage, not to mention the healing cooldowns that PT tanks have in their arsenal that are % based and not HP value based (Kolto Overload, in addition to the Shield Cannon heal utility) that give credence to b mods. IDK. I'm very interested in more feedback and discussion because I'm not against the idea of using a different stat distribution.