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Let me preface this by saying this guide is based on an average of mitigation across all 3 tanking classes. Meaning if you add up your armor, stats, and health all 3 classes should have roughly the same DTPS per fight (obvious variances not included), achieved by having similar stat percentages. If this is NOT a style of tanking that you believe is viable you can save your time, you will not agree with anything I am about to say.

This guide is also written using Imperial terms, but I have no doubt that competent Republic players will be able to translate it adequately.

Total Stat Pools:
Mitigation 4003
B-Mods 3841
Split-Mods 3895

*Split-Mods refers to a combination of Full Mitigation and B-Mods. On Juggernauts and Powertechs this combination is 3 Mitigation and 6 B-Mods. On Assassins this combination is 6 Mitigation and 3 B-Mods.

To further clarify before we get into stat pools: the way that I have geared my Juggernaut and Powertech is by having all enhancements Defense Rating and all mods Absorb. This style is different on the Assassin due to how quickly you can reach your Defense Rating goals, but that will be explained further down. Stat differentials are also based on Revanite token drops and B-Mods attained from the Ultimate Comms vendor. Ear piece and Implant stats are based on 198 Token and not Comms. Health computations selected are based on the fact that target health pool for mitigation tanks (not endurance stacking) is generally accepted as being between 53k and 56k, these also assume all Endurance datacrons have been attained.



- Full Mitigation = 52,132
- B-Mods = 55,156
- Split-Mods = 54,148

Stat Distribution (Augment Differential: 10 Shield, 4 Absorb/ 1 Implant Defense, 1 Implant Absorb)
Defense Rating 1094 = 20.08% (25.08% with Blade Barricade)
Shield Rating 1720 = 50.2%
Absorb Rating:
- 1027 [B-Mods] = 40.63% (43.63% with Aegis Assault)
- 1189 [Full Mitigation] = 42.99% (45.99% with Aegis Assault)
- 1081 [Split Mods] = 41.44% (44.44% with Aegis Assault)


- Full Mitigation = 52,132
- B-Mods = 55,156
- Split-Mods = 54,148

Stat Distribution (Augment Differential: 8 Shield, 6 Defense/ Both Implants Defense)
Shield Rating 1616 = 47.11% (50.11% with Shield Enhancers)
Defense Rating -- 1406 = 24.47%
Absorb Rating:
- 819 [B-Mods] = 41.28% (44.28% with Heat Screens and 66.28% with Heat Blast)
- 981 [Full Mitigation] = 43.92% (46.92% with Heat Screens and 68.92% with Heat Blast)
- 873 [Split-Mods] = 42.19% (45.19% with Heat Screens and 67.19% with Heat Blast)


- Full Mitigation = 52,998.8
- B-Mods = 55,738
- Split-Mods = 54,026
*B-Mod health pool takes into account 1 Full Mitigation mod to attain Defense Rating.

Stat Distribution (Augment Differential: Varies)
Defense Rating 750 = 24.93 (Both Implants, 1 Full Mit Mod, 1 Enhancement, 1 Augment)
Absorb Rating
- 1793 [Full Mitigation] = 54.25% (8 Augments)
- 1753 [B-Mod] = 53.84% (10 Augments)
- 1791 [Split-Mods] = 54.23% (9 Augments)
Shield Rating
- 1460 [Full Mitigation] = 58.34% (5 Augments)
- 1356 [B-Mods] = 57.15% (3 Augments)
- 1408 [Split-Mods] = 57.77% (4 Augments)

The difference in the Absorb percentages is factored into the average mitigation. So where the Assassin absorbs roughly 10% more damage per shield, the other classes simply take that much less damage at all times due to heavy armor.

- Juggernauts and Assassins are in a unique position due to the new, larger stat pools. Pre-3.0 the generally accepted BiS relic combination was Fortunate Redoubt and Reactive Warding. However, given the Shield percentages that can be attained, Shield Amplification can actually be better mitigation than RW. The technicality of it is that you cannot use Saber Reflect or Force Shroud while it is procced or you have just wasted potential mitigation. So if you are not one who wants to watche their buff bar that closely FR and RW are still going to be the best mitigation you can get.
- On Powertechs I will always run FR but post-3.0 my secondary relic has been an activation relic (Shrouded Crusader/Imperiling Serenity), which gives me an additional, fight specific cooldown. However, RW is going to be your best secondary choice if you want dual proc relics.

If you have read this far I would like to say thank you for your time.
(And before all the comments flood in: yes, I know that my stated PT differential is contrary to what most PT's are running at the moment)
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