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Just because it would be more work, doesn't mean that they couldn't have gotten it done. Hire more people! It's not like they don't have the money.
We were told that we would have a great story and choice, and we sure have a great story, but choice is not there... not really. Short of getting light/dark side points or affection with companions, your choices mean jack. For grins, I took a jedi and went pure darkside, and it makes no difference.
I highly doubt that nearly half the community posting here is "grasping at straws" and just because you're fine with how it is, doesn't mean that everyone should be... that's some seriously flawed logic. Get a clue will ya?
This game is on some pretty solid rails. Anyone who claims otherwise has blinders on.
I bet you were one of the guys telling them to hurry up and release the game a few months back. And now you want more.
Be happy you got something other then orcs, night elves, swords and shields...
I, for one, am loving the story so far.