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That's not really happens in harder contents. Speeking from experience, I've been parsing my raids in the last couple of months with high crit chance (300-430), and the only heals that usually overheal are Kolto Missile, Rapidshots and Proactive Medicine. The rest not really, depending on boss/pull. Obviously with higher crit you have higher chance to overheal, but it's not much
You have to take into consideration that the average heal difference between 200 and 350 crit is not even 1% of your total healing. According to my spreadsheet it's a 0,2% difference, although that's more of a standardized spreadsheet.

The normal overhealing on average, i have in operations, is 10-15%. It's really difficult to tell how much additional overhealing additional crit brings, but i personally definitly prefer more heals on non-crits,as even if it would be just a tiny percentage of more overhealing, the additional healing on average will not bring any advantage.
I think i personally won't go for more then 250 crit rating in full 78 gear.

Oh and merc healing rules in pve .
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